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BMW 3 Series Parts & Accessories

Here is the place to find all BMW 3 Series parts you will need, no matter what model you have. Our wide range of stock means we are able to cater for everyone, from those of you looking for performance parts to race, or for everyday maintenance of your BMW.

All our stock are genuine, OEM or performance proven parts which guarantees the highest quality at great prices. So if you want to search a wide range of high quality BMW 3 Series accessories and products with ease, then you are in the right place.

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Autoclaved BMSport BMW E46 M3 Carbon Fibre Roof

Autoclaved BMSport BMW E46 M3 Carbon Fibre Roof.

BMW E36 GTR Rear Spoiler

BMW E36 GTR Rear Spoiler

BMW E36 M3 Evo Clutch Hose

Back in stock!


Braided clutch hose for the E36 M3 Evo

BMW E36 M3 Race Spec Front Splitter

BMW E36 M3 Race Spec Front Splitter

BMW E36 Race Spec GRP Bonnet

BMW E36 Race Spec GRP 4 Door Bonnet

BMW E46 M3 S54 MBE 9A9 Engine Loom

Plug and play loom for the M3 S54 engine to allow the MBE 9A9 ECU to run the engine and throttle control. Made to works spec utilising Raychem DR-25 heatshrink, Type 44 cable and sealed booted joints.

BMW Heated Windscreen

BMW Heated Windscreen

Bosch Wide Band Lambda Sensor

Wide band lambda sensor, it is currently the most accurate & toughest sensor produced by Bosch to cope with harsh enviroments & is a significant improvement over previous versions. Suitable for use with MBE9A9 ECU, which has built in wide band lambda control.

Carbon Dashboard

Carbon Dash

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Diff Reinforcement Plates

Diff Reinforcement Plates


For the E36 M3 EVO only.

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