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Here at BMSport we have all the diagnostic equipment needed to diagnose any problem with your BMW. Over the years we have built up an extensive collection of diagnostic tools, from the latest Autologic unit and Autel unit to smoke testing equipment and amp clamps. From the minor issues to the major issues, we have many years of experience and the extended knowledge to investigate and diagnose any problem with your BMW and how it can be resolved.


Autologic and Autel

For the past 10 years, we have been working alongside our Autologic Unit to help diagnose faults with BMW’s. The Autologic data and software is updated on a weekly basis, meaning it will always have the latest versions, updates and technical information, so we can provide the best possible diagnostic service.

Our Autologic Unit is capable of doing many things, from resetting service lights and the CBS indicator to reading faults codes, as well as coding and programming ECU’s and Control units. It can also provide software updates for the engine and gearbox of your BMW. Autologic has been designed to work with all BMW models from 1986 onward, so you can be sure that whatever BMW you have, we will be able to help.

Not only do we have an Autologic Unit, we also have an Autel Diagnostic system, which enables us to diagnose and read the fault codes of many makes and models of vehicles. Like the Autologic, there are regular software updates for the Autel unit, enabling us to provide the latest software and technical information for vehicles, including BMW’s.


With any luck, the majority of BMW’s will serve you well throughout their lives, although there are the unlucky few who have to deal with serious problems. You can rest assured that we have the expert knowledge to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


We are also able to provide a diagnostic printout if required, including fault codes and descriptions.


Get in touch to arrange an appointment or talk through some of the problems your car is experiencing.

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