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Rolling Road

bmsport rolling road

Rolling road tests for your bmw

The Rolling Road is a mainly computer controlled system that can be used for more than just discovering the power or torque of your BMW or MINI. It can also be used to help identify and diagnose faults, whether the fault is in the engine, the gearbox, or somewhere else.

The Sun Ram XII Rolling Road has the ability to monitor and display all sensor readings before and during a dyno run. It can then provide an accurate graph print out for you to take away with you once the run is complete. The rolling road is a great way for you to get an idea of how your car is performing in order to thoroughly prepare for a race or track day.

This Unit is a 2 wheel drive roller unit here at BMSport, and can be used for Front or Rear wheel drive testing and can test anything up to around 500bhp at the wheels, and around 600bhp at the flywheel.

We advise that before requesting use of the Rolling Road, you should consider and check some of the following:
– Your car is in good mechanical health,
– Your car has a clean air filter,
– Your car’s sparkplugs are in good condition,
– Your car has a decent amount of fuel,
– And your car’s tyres are in good condition, with the correct tyre pressure.

Here are BMSport, our technicians are fully trained in using the Rolling Road and can tell you anything you need to know. So if there are any problems you know of, or are concerned about something beforehand, and think our technicians should know about it, please don’t be afraid to tell them.


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