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Our BMW Oil Services start from just £83 + VAT


BMSport Servicing is the same standard as Main Dealers.

Here at BMsport we are able to service all BMW and Mini cars to the same high level as you would expect from a main dealer. By following the BMW guidelines, employing BMW trained staff, using genuine BMW parts and using high quality Mobil and Castrol oils, your factory warranty is upheld and the service history is maintained. For example, as part of a typical inspection service at BMsport, M-Power cars that have adjustable valve clearances (not all do, i.e. E39 M5 does not) will require an overnight stay in our workshop. This is so that we can do the valve clearances when the engine is stone cold; allowing accurate measurement and optimised adjustment. This is an important part of the service and can vastly improve your driving pleasure when they are set correctly.


We are an approved Mobil service centre. Ensuring you will always get the best quality oils for your car.

On a further note about servicing, BMW in their wisdom choose to use “lifetime oil” in their gearboxes and differentials. Of course, this reduces cost of ownership for the first owner; coupled with the extended service intervals it’s possible to buy a brand new BMW, keep it for 3 years, keep the mileage down: and you’ll never need to visit a BMW dealer again until you come to trade it in. However, even the most hardy of oils are subject to fatigue over their working lifetime, meaning their lubrication effectiveness can decrease dramatically. We do not believe these oils last the life time of the car and recommend you should plan to have it changed approximately every 50,000 miles. Being mechanically sympathetic every now and then will prolong the lifetime of your BMW, as well as giving you that extra bargaining chip to play with if/when you decide to sell.

It is important to get your car serviced by a reputable and knowledgeable specialist. Some vehicles require not only an oil and filter change, maybe a set of spark plugs or other consumables, but require the little but important extras which are not on the *standard service list. For example, all bonnet catches/hinges and door hinges/strikers are lubricated – making sure they work correctly and safely. With bonnets not being opened nearly as much as they used to be, it’s nice to know when you do open it, it will close and not fly open when driving down the road.

Our labour rate is £65+VAT which is less than half which our local BMW main dealer charges; a staggering £155+VAT. To book your car in for a service, please use the Contact page to get in touch.




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