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KDS 4 Wheel Alignment


The Importance of Correct Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment is important on BMWs as even slight changes in geometry can affect the handling, not to mention tyre wear and fuel consumption.
Simply by knocking one of your wheels on the kerb or going over a pothole can affect the wheel alignment. Also, when changing or modifying any aspect of your BMW’s suspension, be it springs, bushes or arms, the wheel alignment of the car will instantly be put out. To gain the benefit of improved lowering springs and/or dampers, you will need to get the geometry reset through alignment.


If your alignment is out, you may notice a slight pulling to one side, a vibration through the steering wheel or the steering wheel pointing in a different direction to your wheels. Many handling problems such as these can be solved by our state of the art Hunter KDS 4 Wheel Alignment System. With all components on all four corners aligned correctly, road shock is better absorbed for a better ride too.

Fuel Consumption

Bad alignment increases rolling resistance of the tyres. The knock on effect of this is more fuel consumption. Together with making sure your BMW’s tyre pressures are correct, you will notice less trips to the petrol station, so getting your BMW aligned starts to pay for itself!


An important safety aspect to look out for when you suspect your wheel alignment may be out, are your tyres wearing unevenly or quicker than they would normally. This is a sign that your wheel alignment is out, meaning your car may require new tyres, as well as 4 Wheel Alignment to set everything straight again.

When aligning your cars suspension, we are also checking the condition of your suspension components. We can advise you on the state of your springs, dampers, arms and bushes. If necessary, we will recommend replacement components from our online BMW parts store.

How can we help?

Well at BMSport we have installed a Hunter Pro Align DSP 600 4 Wheel Alignment System that gives us complete control over your cars suspension settings. Our system is calibrated and updated twice a year, making sure we have the latest software and alignment settings for all makes and models.  All adjustment settings are of Manufacturers standards, meaning your car will leave with the same Wheel alignment settings it came out of the factory with.
When it comes to more serious track and race use, we can adjust and set the wheel alignment to the desired settings, as well as carry out corner weighting to balance the car accurately, transforming the handling and speed carried through bends.We can also advise you on settings that are suited to the car’s purpose, be it track or race use.


Our Wheel Alignment Equipment is serviced and calibrated every 6 months, calibration certificates are available on request.




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