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Walnut Blasting Decoke

Walnut Shell Blasting De-coke

Have your intake valves cleaned with our specialist crushed walnut shell blasting tool.

Why should I have my Inlet Valves Cleaned?

Modern engines are now often direct injection, this setup allows for improvements in fuel efficiency and performance as compared to conventional fuel injection. However, the disadvantage of this is that the regular cleaning of the intake valves by the fuel being sprayed on the back of them (indirect injection) does not happen any more. The intake valves are only in contact with air and blow-by gases from the crankcase breather system, in which substantial quantities of fuel and oil vapour can be found. Over time, these form carbon deposits in the intake tract as well as on the intake valves themselves, this is also referred to as carbonising. This is not immediately bad for the engine, but over time can have a detrimental effect on its efficiency. If the valves are heavily carbonised, they may not close properly anymore, and symptoms such as a lumpy idle, vibrations, poor throttle response and poor performance can be noted.
Unfortunately this carbonising effect is an inevitable by-product of direct injection, it cannot be prevented. The use of additives in the fuel itself is useless, as the fuel does not come into contact with the intake tract or the valves at all.


What can be done?

In principle there exist two methods to clean the intake valves and intake tracts of any direct injection engine. The conventional and expensive way which means to completely remove the cylinder head, strip it and manually clean the head and valves before reassembly.

Or the other method is the cleaning of the intake tract and valves of each cylinder with a blasting tool… This is what we can now offer.  Our Walnut blasting tool uses compressed air to inject fine walnut shell granules into the intake tract. These walnut granules hit the carbon build up at high speed and remove it entirely, while at the same time this material is soft enough not to cause any damage to the metal of the intake tract and the valves. That is also the reason why no other material should be used for this method. The advantages of this method are obvious: on the one hand, a labour intensive removal of the cylinder head is unnecessary, on the other hand the method is very fast and effective (only minutes per intake tract are necessary once the inlet manifold is removed).

What are the improvements from Walnut Blasting and will I notice?

This is the question that interests everyone, but to put it short: Yes! You will feel a difference. If you vehicle is more than 3 years old you will almost certainly notice that the throttle response of the car is noticeably better (without hesitation), and the idle will be as smooth as it was when the car was new, along with a restoration of engine power and fuel effeciency.


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